the gratitude aeffect

The Gratitude Æffect Foundation was founded in June 2009 by a group of people with one simple belief: that their own gratitude has the power to effect and affect the lives of others and could one day end homelessness in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.

With 1,500 homeless people living in Vancouver, Gratitude Æffect has been working hard to raise money and awareness in the effort to end homelessness. Based on the success of Gratitude Week 2009, our primary goal is to engage the average citizen of Vancouver to do one thing that will help end homelessness in our city now.

In 2012, we have also begun to tackle the issue of hunger, especially among children. That has led us to our Streetsmart Project, that raises funds to feed the hungry. We do that by enabling patrons of participating restaurants in the city and surrounding municipalities to donate $1.00 or more to their local food bank, at the same time that they pay for their own meals at the restaurant.

We hope you will join us in a movement to end homelessness and hunger.